Protecting biodiversity

The diversity of ecosystems, animal and plant species and the genetic diversity within the different species forms the basis of our existence. It ensures that we have a supply of healthy food, regulates the climate and provides protection against natural hazards such as floods. However this biodiversity is in acute danger. According to the European Environment Agency, over 80% of animal and plant species are in “poor” or “bad” condition and about one in three native species is now considered endangered. That is why ÖKOBÜRO is committed to endangered species and effective animal protection.

Protecting endangered species

Animals such as otters, wolves and various endangered bird species are subject to comprehensive protection in Austria and Europe. Exceptions to this protection, such as shooting, are only permitted under strict conditions. Together with WWF, ÖKOBÜRO regularly intervenes in proceedings and, if necessary, has decisions reviewed by the courts.

Preserving nature reserves

With the aim of preserving jewels of nature, there are numerous protected areas in Austria, such as national parks and Natura 2000 sites. Particularly in the Alpine region, these areas are often threatened by large-scale projects such as ski resorts or hydroelectric power plants. By participating in procedures, ÖKOBÜRO ensures that the protection regulations in these areas are also complied with.