Justice and Environment

Environmental protection does not end at national borders. Cross-border cooperation between environmental organisations is therefore essential. The membership in the European environmental law network Justice and Environment (J&E) facilitates our access to the EU level as well as the exchange with "environmental lawyers" from other countries.

Environmental Lawyers from 14 European countries

Justice and Environment (J&E) is an association of environmental organisations from 15 European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain) – all of them with a legal and political focus. As "environmental lawyers", their employees are specialised in environmental law.

At the European level, J&E is primarily known for its work in the field of environmental assessments (environmental impact assessments, strategic environmental assessments, appropriate assessments) and activities in connection with international treaties (e.g. Aarhus Convention, Espoo Convention).

In recent years, J&E's environmental law experts have been particularly successful in maintaining the European nature conservation directives (Natura 2000 REFIT). J&E has achieved better public involvement in drawing up lists of major European infrastructure projects in the interests of the European Union (Projects of Common Interest - PCIs).

ÖKOBÜRO and J&E: a fruitful partnership for all

Environmental protection does not end at national borders. ÖKOBÜRO has therefore been a member of J&E since 2005. Since then, this network has been an important cornerstone of our work. This enables us not only to become more involved at the European level, but to support other member organizations with our legal know-how while benefitting from their expertise and experience.

J&E is linked in particular to our ongoing commitment to the implementation of the Aarhus Convention. Since access to environmental information and access to justice in environmental matters is strongly determined by EU law, our successes in Austria also have positive effects throughout Europe - and vice versa.

We are very pleased to be part of J&E because together we can achieve more!