June 13, 2023 9:30 a.m. - June 13, 2023 noon | Online Event

Which climate rights does our law offer?

Approaches to improve climate policy, adaptation to climate change and climate rights in Austria.

Global warming is progressing and leaving ever more obvious marks. Due to the hesitant action of decision-makers, individuals are resorting to legal means to push for climate protection measures. However, the general population is often unaware of their climate rights and asserting them requires legal expertise.

In view of the urgency to improve legal protection in climate change issues, ÖKOBÜRO - Alliance of the Environmental Movement and Justice and Environment invite you to this event. We aim to raise awareness of climate rights and find answers to questions such as: Which climate rights exist and how can individuals claim them? How can they effectively call for climate policy improvement and potential adaption measures? To this day, legal protection against to climate-damaging behavior or lack of climate protection measures is still opaque.

Together with experts we will address whether there is awareness of climate rights in Austria, how rights are designed and how they can be enforced. The results of a survey conducted by ÖKOBÜRO on the topic of climate change adaptation and climate rights will also be presented at the event.

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